Kids Update from Pastor Jake

Hi Parents,


As the fall approaches with many changes to what schools are doing in light of the COVID-19 situation.  I wanted to let you know of a few changes that are going to be made to Crossroads Kids both because of COVID-19 and also we believe these changes are best for the students and your family.  Here is a list of things to expect this fall:


1. Kids classes will only be offered at the 10:45 service.  For the time being we don’t have enough people to have classes at both services.  Our hope is to get back to offering classes at the 9:00 service at some point this year.  We will still offer nursery and for kindergarten and younger to go out to the playground during the message portion of the 9:00 service.

2. Kids will be gathered in classrooms instead of Big Room.  If you have a 1-5 grader they will be split into two classrooms 1-2 graders will be in room 4 and 3-5 graders will be in room 3.  We will have signs up to show you where to take your student.


3. Check in will happen at the classrooms.  When you arrive go to the classroom to get checked in instead of the check in spot.  The adults in the classroom will check in your kid and give them a name tag and you the parent a security name tag. 


4. Kids will join the main worship service until the message time then they will be dismissed to their classes.  Teachers will bring in kids for worship until they are dismissed to their classes.  


5. We are hoping to start classes on September 13.  Our hope is to offer these classes starting September 13 however we will be keeping a close eye on the COVID situation.  


I am excited for this school year!  We are facing a lot of changes that have never been made before, these changes also provide opportunities for good conversations to happen.  Please know that I am praying for your kids, you as parents and your families in general.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me.  I’m thankful for each of you and look forward to see how God will move in your kids life, and your life!


Pastor Jake

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