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Here at Crossroads, we believe in a way of life to help us on our apprenticeship journey and experience the transformation of our hearts. As contributors, Partners find ways to be involved in the life of church in ways that help others connect and find Crossroads to be home. They are people who desire to be involved in a fellowship where people know and understand their story. While at first glance, the way of life at Crossroads might seem to be burdensome, the point is to have a place to start the conversation regarding our Spiritual Formation. Over a period of time, it is reasonable that partners become the kind of person who regularly attends, serves, gives, mentors others and has cross-cultural experiences. The point is not to check the items off a list. We recognize that each of our story is unique and we begin with where we are and begin to move in a direction of greater implementation. The purpose is to grow in ways so that over time these become more of who we are. One might consider one or two of the emphases to concentrate on for a given season. In addition to the emphasis, Partners  are encouraged to invite others into their life for accountability. There is power when partners covenant together to be committed to one another’s Spiritual Formation – to make every aspect of our communal life together pleasing and honoring to God. 

If you are interested in becoming a Covenant Partner or have questions about it, send us an email and we'll set up a time to meet!

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